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  1. This article introduces and formalizes a novel stochastic method that combines inverse simulation with the theory of generalized Polynomial Chaos (gPC) to solve and study inverse problems under uncertainty in ...

    Authors: Sebastian Schwarz, Daniele Carta, Antonello Monti and Andrea Benigni
    Citation: Energy Informatics 2024 7:55
  2. A self-adaptive energy storage coordination control strategy based on virtual synchronous machine technology was studied and designed to address the oscillation problem caused by new energy units. By simulatin...

    Authors: Min Cheng, Wenlin Yan, Dan Zhang, Xufei Liu, Lei He, Mingyu Xu and Qiang Yao
    Citation: Energy Informatics 2024 7:54
  3. This research focuses on the design of heat dissipation system for lithium-ion battery packs of electric vehicles, and adopts artificial intelligence optimization algorithm to improve the heat dissipation effi...

    Authors: Qingwei Cheng and Henan Zhao
    Citation: Energy Informatics 2024 7:50
  4. To gain a deeper understanding of the carbon emission mechanism from transportation facilities, all system elements affecting carbon emissions from regional transportation facilities are identified and analyze...

    Authors: Guozhi Li, Yidan Yuan, Xunuo Chen, Dandan Fu and Mengying Jiang
    Citation: Energy Informatics 2024 7:48
  5. Gossen’s First Law describes the law of diminishing marginal utility. This paper aims to further verify the proposed hypothesis that Gossen’s First Law also holds in the modeling for Demand Side Management (DS...

    Authors: Chang Li, Gina Brecher, Jovana Kovačević, Hüseyin K. Çakmak, Kevin Förderer, Jörg Matthes and Veit Hagenmeyer
    Citation: Energy Informatics 2024 7:47
  6. Building energy consumption in China accounts for 45% of the total national energy consumption, with air conditioning energy consumption representing approximately two-thirds of that. Therefore, energy efficie...

    Authors: Kewen Jiang and Wei Zhang
    Citation: Energy Informatics 2024 7:42
  7. Public institutions, emblematic of public infrastructure, exhibit extensive reach and operational scope, positioning them as vanguards in China’s dual carbon initiatives and serving as exemplars. Electricity a...

    Authors: Yan Bai, Rui Zhang, Bo Yu, Lan Zhang, Jinxin Guan and Yuexin Ma
    Citation: Energy Informatics 2024 7:38
  8. Non intrusive load monitoring belongs to the key technologies of intelligent power management systems, playing a crucial role in smart grids. To achieve accurate identification and prediction of electricity lo...

    Authors: Jintao Wu, Xiling Tang, Dongxu Zhou, Wenyuan Deng and Qianqian Cai
    Citation: Energy Informatics 2024 7:36
  9. The increasing global population and reliance on electrical devices for daily life resulted in sharply rising energy consumption. Also, this leads to higher household electricity bills. As a result, there is a...

    Authors: Shahed S. Ahmad, Fadi Almasalha, Mahmoud H. Qutqut and Mohammad Hijjawi
    Citation: Energy Informatics 2024 7:29
  10. In the context of global energy transformation and sustainable development, integrating and utilizing renewable energy effectively have become the key to the power system advancement. However, the integration ...

    Authors: Ke Zhou, Biyun Zhang, Qingren Jin, Hao Bai, Weichen Yang and Tong Liu
    Citation: Energy Informatics 2024 7:23
  11. The primary objective of this research is to explore the elements that shape the progression of digital technology in Sub-Saharan African nations. The study employs data obtained from 16 countries, covering th...

    Authors: Elfenesh Beyene, Amsalu Bedemo and Atnafu Gebremeskel
    Citation: Energy Informatics 2024 7:21
  12. Modern power systems, referred to as cyber-physical energy systems (CPESs), are complex systems with strong interdependencies between power and information and communication technology (ICT) systems. CPESs als...

    Authors: Anand Narayan, Michael Brand, Nils Huxoll, Batoul Hage Hassan and Sebastian Lehnhoff
    Citation: Energy Informatics 2024 7:20
  13. The reduction of fossil energy sources, the harmful environmental effects caused by high energy consumption, and the increase in the share of energy consumption in the building sector have increased the need t...

    Authors: Arash Shahee, Mahmood Abdoos, Alireza Aslani and Rahim Zahedi
    Citation: Energy Informatics 2024 7:18
  14. Countries all over the world have been seeking ways and methods so that their electrical matrices can stand out using clean and renewable energy sources. In this context, this article presents a review with an...

    Authors: Thamyres Machado David, Teófilo Miguel de Souza and Paloma Maria Silva Rocha Rizol
    Citation: Energy Informatics 2024 7:14
  15. Software-in-the-Loop (SIL) testing is an approach used for verification and validation in the energy sector. However, there is no comprehensive overview of the application, potential, and challenges of SIL wit...

    Authors: Christian Skafte Beck Clausen, Bo Nørregaard Jørgensen and Zheng Grace Ma
    Citation: Energy Informatics 2024 7:12
  16. The growing energy demand and population raising require alternative, clean, and sustainable energy systems. During the last few years, hydrogen energy has proven to be a crucial factor under the current condi...

    Authors: Ester Melo, Julio Barzola-Monteses, Holguer H. Noriega and Mayken Espinoza-Andaluz
    Citation: Energy Informatics 2024 7:10

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