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Summary of Energy Informatics.Academy Conference 2022

The Energy Informatics.Academy Conference 2022 (EI.A 2022) (EnergyInformatics.Academy 2022) has collected great contributions from researchers and practitioners in various scientific, technological, engineering and social fields to disseminate original research on the application of digital technology and information management theory and practice to facilitate the global transition towards sustainable and resilient energy systems.

With the whole technical program committee’s effort, in total thirty-two (32) high-quality papers (including full papers and short papers) are accepted and presented at the conference. The thirty-two papers cover 4 important aspects of the energy informatics domain (shown in Table 1):

  • Simulation and modeling in energy

  • Software and applications in energy

  • Big data and AI in energy

  • Energy informatics projects and analysis

Table 1 Themes of the accepted and presented papers from Energy Informatics.Academy Conference 2022 (EI.A 2022)

The paper presentations are recorded and available via EnergyInformatics.Academy YouTube channel (EnergyInformatics.Academy 2022; EnergyInformatics.Academy 2022).

Six keynote speakers shared their great experience and knowledge with six speeches and a panel discussion (shown in Table 2). The presentation slides are available via EnergyInformatics.Academy webpage (EnergyInformatics.Academy 2022).

Table 2 Six keynote speeches at the Energy Informatics.Academy(EI.A) Asia 2021 conference

The EI.A 2022 were co-hosted with the Innovation Festival at Dandy Business Park and the industrial and PhD summer school in Energy Informatics. The EI.A 2022 could not success without the following organizations’ support:

  • Springer Open Journal Energy Informatics

  • Sino-Danish Center

  • Dandy Business Park

  • SDU Center for Energy Informatics

  • Energy Informatics.Academy

  • European Union Social Fund

  • UNITEN Institute of Informatics and Computing in Energy

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Publication costs were covered by the Energy Informatics.Academy Conference Organizers.

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