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Table 8 The objects in the electricity business ecosystem

From: Business ecosystem architecture development: a case study of Electric Vehicle home charging

Object Type Description
Marketplace • Wholesale marketplaces (Day-ahead, Intraday, regulating) The market operations possible along the energy conversion chain, e.g. energy trading, mass market, retail market (CEN-CENELEC-ETSI Smart Grid Coordination Group 2012).
• Retail marketplace
DataHub • Data store Every piece of information about the electricity consumption of Danish consumers is stored in DataHub, which also handles business processes, such as change of address, change of supplier, etc. (Energinet 2020b)
• Data exchange
Grid area • Transmission grid The delimited physical area where consumption, production, and exchange of electricity can be metered.
• Distribution grid
Meter point • Production metering point The metering point where energy (one or more production facilities or consumption units) is measured.
• Consumption metering point