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Table 1 Overview of Existing Literature (Continued)

From: Peak load minimization of an e-bus depot: impacts of user-set conditions in optimization algorithms

Research Type of Power Load Objective Method Preemption V2G Time Granularity (min) Offline/Real-Time Real Data Fleet Size
(Gao et al. 2018) Bus Cost GA Y N 15 Off Y 581
(Yang et al. 2019) Car Cost Heu (Search&Swap) Hybrid N 15 RT N 1000
(Koutsopoulos and Tassiulas 2012) Generic power load Cost Optimal Control N N [5,60] RT N 20
(Xie et al. 2016) EV + House Peak MDP+Adaptive DP Y Y 12 RT N 1000
(Škugor and Deur 2015) Truck Cost DP N N 60 Off Y 10
(Mhaisen et al. 2020) Car Cost RL Y Y 60 RT N 1
(Wang et al. 2019) Bus Cost MDP Y N - RT Y 16359
This Work Bus Peak MILP Y/N Y/N [15,30,60] Off Y 138
  1. ILP — Integer Linear Programming; LP — Linear Programming; QP — Quadratic Programming; MPC — Model Predictive Control; DP — Dynamic Programming; Heu — Heuristic; GA — Genetic Algorithm; MDP — Markov Decision Process; RL — Reinforcement Learning; MILP — Mixed-Integer Linear Programming