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Table 1 Comparison of related work

From: Decentralized and permission-less green energy certificates with GECKO

Mengelkamp et al. (2018b)Balancing/payment\(\checkmark \)\(\checkmark \)
Mengelkamp et al. (2018a)Balancing/payment\(\checkmark \)\(\checkmark \)
Zhumabekuly Aitzhan and Svetinovic (2016)Balancing/payment\(\checkmark \)\(\checkmark \)
Ilic et al. (2012)Balancing/payment\(\checkmark \)
Sikorski et al. (2017)Balancing/payment\(\checkmark \)
GT (US)Certification
REC (EU)Certification
GECKOCertification\(\checkmark \)\(\checkmark \)\(\checkmark \)
  1. GT refers to Green Tags, as used in the US and REC refers to Renewable Energy Certificates as used in the EU.