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Table 1 (abstract P10). Three data sets including

From: Abstracts from the 9th DACH+ Conference on Energy Informatics

NTB Buchs [10, 11] High resolution (10-second) monitoring campaign to investigate HP performance aspects, such as: start-up behaviour, defrosting, and influence of auxiliary equipment on efficiency. Up to 13 HP systems (air-water, brine-water, variable speed, systems with cooling, new and renovated systems) were monitored for up to 3 years.
WP Monitor [12] Monitoring campaign for benchmarking efficiency of different HP technologies. A total of 87 HPs (direct evaporation systems, ground source HPs, and variable speed compressor HPs) were monitored during three years (1-minute resolution). Partially anonymized data from three HP that complies to German data-privacy law is accessible.
HSLU [13] Load monitoring open data from digital meters and other sensors in five houses. 1.5 up to 3.5 years at 5-minute resolution. Power consumption data from HPs (air-water, and brine-water) in three of the houses along with HP specifications and building envelope information.