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Table 1 Notation and Symbols for Transactions

From: Trust-less electricity consumption optimization in local energy communities

T k Transaction k for demand request or supply forecast
E tot Total demand or supply of energy
t k,i Time slot 0≤iNk for demand or supply forecast
N k Total number of time slots in transaction k
E min Min. demand (Emin≥0) or supply (Emin<0) for time slot
E max Max. demand (Emin≥0) or supply (Emin<0) for time slot
t earliest Earliest start time for time slot, ti+1earliest≥tilatest
t latest Latest end time for time slot, ti−1latest<tiearliest
Δ Duration of demand or supply during time slot
Time slot of fixed length Δ=tlatesttearliest
Extended time slot of fixed length interrupted for display
Time slot of flexible length Δtlatesttearliest
Flexible demand or supply between Emin and Emax
Fixed demand or supply Emin