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Table 1 Decision variables

From: Impact of advanced electricity tariff structures on the optimal design, operation and profitability of a grid-connected PV system with energy storage

  Variable Set Unit Description
Grid P imp \(\mathbb {R}_{+}^{T}\) W imported power (from the grid)
  P exp \(\mathbb {R}_{+}^{T}\) W exported power (to the grid)
  P cur \(\mathbb {R}_{+}^{T}\) W curtailed power
  P max \(\mathbb {R}_{+}^{M}\) W monthly exchange peak
PV n mod \(\mathbb {N}^{N}\) - PV configurations, number of units
  b mod {0,1}N - PV configurations active (Y/N)
  b pv {0,1} - PV installation, presence
Battery P cha \(\mathbb {R}_{+}^{T\times B}\) W battery charging power
  P dis \(\mathbb {R}_{+}^{T\times B}\) W battery discharging power
  E bat \(\mathbb {R}_{+}^{(T+1)\times B}\) J battery capacity
  E cap \(\mathbb {R}_{+}^{B}\) J nominal battery capacity
  b bat {0,1} - battery, presence