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Table 3 Derived REQs and SOCs (overview)

From: Empowering the selection of demand response methods in smart homes: development of a decision support framework

#REQ Name #SOC Solution concept Framework phase Benchmarking phase
REQ1 Objective(s) Specification SOC1 Let the user decide the objectives to be achieved. Planning Plan
REQ2 Scenario-Building SOC2 Provide data and let the users select their energy composition. Demand Response Collect
REQ3 Data Preprocessing SOC3 Sample the data, fill gaps, and reject unreliable data. Demand Response Collect
REQ4 Method Comparability SOC4 Add metadata to the methods and form groups. Demand Response Collect
REQ5 Result Calculation SOC5 Establish measurement and provide needed data. Demand Response Collect
REQ6 Decision Support SOC6 Identify the best method(s), based on user objectives and scenarios. Decision and Deployment Analyze
REQ7 Event Reaction SOC7 React to events by repeating the decision support process. Monitoring Improve