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Table 7 Table comparing related works on testbeds environments

From: An integrated testbed for locally monitoring SCADA systems in smart grids

Work Availability Integration Network Power Extensibility Protocols
Davis et al. (2006) (2008) LIC Server requests over VPN RINSE, TCP/IP Power- World HIL Modbus, TCP/IP
Lin et al. (2011) OS* C++/Java ns2 PSFL Not discussed Not discussed
Levesque et al. (2012) OS* HTTP requests Omnet++ OpenDSS Not discussed Not discussed
Sadi et al. (2015) LIC C OPNET Matlab/ Simulink Not discussed Not discussed
Kang et al. (2015) TB Physical links IEC61850 device PV simulator Not discussed Modbus, IEC61850
Koutsandria et al. (2015) HIL/ TB C, C++, Python Modbus Matlab/ Simulink Other protocols Modbus, TCP/IP
Awad et al. (2016) OS C++ Omnet++ OpenDSS Not discussed TCP/IP, 802.11, Ethernet
Gunthilaka et al. (2016) LIC Java IEC61850 simulator Power- World Other protocols IEC-104, IEC61850
The proposed approach (2017) OS Python Modbus simulator PyPower Other protocols; other SG elements Modbus, TCP/IP
  1. OS - Open Source, OS* - open source elements, however the source code is not made available, LIC - License required, TB - TestBed, PSLF - Positive Sequence Load Flow, HIL - Hardware In Loop