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Table 3 Safety requirements

From: An integrated testbed for locally monitoring SCADA systems in smart grids

Safety requirement Explanation
\(\forall L_{i} \in \mathcal {L}~~ \forall M_{h} \in L_{i}.M M_{h}.V \in [0.9 L_{i}.V_{ref}; 1.1 L_{i}.V_{ref}]\) Voltage on all lines stays between the boundaries of the reference voltage value ±10%
\( \forall L_{i} \in \mathcal {L}~~ \forall M \in L_{i}.M M_{h}.I \leq L_{i}.I_{max}\) Current in a power line does not exceed its maximum allowed current
\(\sum _{\mathcal {P}^{G}}{P_{i}^{G}} + \sum _{\mathcal {P}^{C}}{P_{j}^{C}} = 0\) Power produced by the sources equals the power consumed by the loads
Interlocks (defined based on topology), e.g., || Some switches cannot be opened simultaneously for safety reasons