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Fig. 5

From: An integrated testbed for locally monitoring SCADA systems in smart grids

Fig. 5

Illustration of the effect on current when executing a single event in the testbed. FigureĀ 5 depicts the current (in Amperes) for different simulation time points (in seconds). The current on line 36 is depicted in red, the current on line 25 in green, the current on line 24 in blue and the current on line 19 in yellow. Furthermore, the figure illustrates the delay between different events in the simulation testbed, as indicated in the top part of the figure. The power flow equations are recomputed 5 times (indicated by green crosses). Furthermore, when a command arrives at the the RTU (indicated by a red triangle), it triggers a recalculation of the topology (indicated in yellow), which then leads to a new topology in PyPower after a short delay

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