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Table 1 Overview of Existing Literature

From: Peak load minimization of an e-bus depot: impacts of user-set conditions in optimization algorithms

Research Type of Power Load Objective Method Preemption V2G Time Granularity (min) Offline/Real-Time Real Data Fleet Size
(Nguyen et al. 2014) Car Peak ILP + Bisection Y N 10 Off N 50
(Jahic et al. 2019) Bus Peak Heu (scheduling policy) N N 1 Off Y 149
(Turker and Colak 2018) House + PEV Peak QP/LP Y Y 10 Off Y 1
(Erdogan et al. 2018) PEV Peak GA N Y 60 RT Y 100
(Ranjan et al. 2014) PHEV + EV Peak ILP Y N 6 Off Y 50
(Arango Castellanos et al. 2019) EVS Peak Heu Y Y 15 Off N 50-500
(Houbbadi et al. 2019) Bus Cost, fluctuations QP Y N 30 Off Y 10
(Tang and Zhang 2017) PEV Cost MPC Y N 10 RT N 500
(Xu and Wong 2011) Car Cost DP Y Y 6 Off N 100
(Rotering and Ilic 2011) Hybrid Cost DP Y Y 5 Off Y 1
(Sundström and Binding 2010) Car Cost LP Y N 15 Off N 10-50
(Hu et al. 2011) EV Cost LP Y N 60 Off N 1
(Nageshrao et al. 2017) Bus Cost LP N N 1/60 Off N 1
(Korkas et al. 2017) Car Cost Approximated DP Y Y 60 Off N 12