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Table 7 Flows and interactions in the business ecosystem

From: Business ecosystem architecture development: a case study of Electric Vehicle home charging

Type of interaction Type of flow   Description
Goods (Product & Service) Goods (Product & Service) The basic products of an economic system that consist of tangible consumable items (products) and tasks performed by individuals (service).
Monetary value Monetary value The amount of value an item or a service has in relation to if it is sold for cash to a buyer
Information Information Data that has been processed, organized, structured or presented to make it useful in a given context
Data Data Raw, unorganized measurements and facts that need to be processed to become useful
Intangible value   Something that exists but cannot be exactly described, or given an exact value.
  1. Interaction: communication between two actors/objects for value co-creation
  2. A value flow: a specific type of value moves (via interaction) into one direction continuously