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Table 18 The Balance Responsible Parties in Denmark

From: Business ecosystem architecture development: a case study of Electric Vehicle home charging

Actor Production Consumption Trade
Alpiq AG    x
Axpo Nordic AG x x x
Axpo Trading AG    x
Danske Commodities A/S x x x
Edf Trading Limited    x
Ekologicke Zdroje    x
Electrade Spa    x
Enel Trade Spa.    x
Energi Danmark A/S x x x    
Energya Vm Gestión De Energía Slu    x
Entelios Aps   x x
E.On Sverige Ab x x x
European Energy Exchange Ag    x
Ewii Energi A/S x x x
Global Energy Division,    x
Hofor Energiproduktion A/S x   x
In Commodities A/S    x
Kinect Energy Denmark A/S x x x
Los A/S   x x
Markedskraft Danmark x x x
Mercuria Energy Trading Sa    x
Mft Energy A/S    x
Modity Energy Trading Ab x x x
Modity Energy Trading Ab x x x
Modstrøm Danmark A/S   x x
Neas Energy A/S x x x
Nord Pool Spot As    x
Norsk Elkraft Danmark A/S   x x
Optimax Energy Gmbh    x
Powermart Aps    x
RWE Supply & Trading Gmbh    x
Scanenergi A/S   x x
Shell Energy Europe Limited    x
Statkraft Markets Gmbh    x
Stadtwerke Flensburg Gmbh x   x
Statkraft Energi As   x x
Total Gas And Power Ltd.    x
Trailstone Gmbh    x
Uniper Global Commodities Se x x x
Vattenfall A/S x x x
Vattenfall Energy Trading Gmbh    x
Vitol S.A.    x
Ørsted Bioenergy & Thermal Power A/S x   x
Ørsted Salg & Service A/S x x x
Østkraft Produktion A/S x   x