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Table 11 The key functions of innovation and research centers

From: A novel model for data-driven smart sustainable cities of the future: the institutional transformations required for balancing and advancing the three goals of sustainability

• Creating multidisciplinary teams based on practical know how, long–standing experience, international expertise, and access to global networks

• Enabling interaction and promoting cooperation between scholars, researchers, industry experts, business professionals, and thought leaders to enhance research opportunities, academic excellence, real-world problem solving, and knowledge creation and dissemination

• Providing the ground for developing and testing innovative technological solutions for urban management

• Featuring the latest developments in technologies and solutions and demonstrating how they are applied in real-world settings

• Developing urban intelligence functions for improving and optimizing city operations, functions, services. Designs, and strategies

• Understanding, enhancing, and applying the leading city practices

• Integrating resources and expertise for the benefits of the city through collective intelligence

• Managing, analyzing and visualizing different kinds of projects

• Supporting the city authorities in visioning, strategizing, and implementing sustainable development as a set of objectives and targets