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Table 2 Notation used in this paper

From: Decentralized and permission-less green energy certificates with GECKO

DiDSO with index i
\(P_{i}^{j}\)Producer j of Di
\(C_{i}^{k}\)Consumer k of Di
\(\mathbb {D}\)Set of DSOs
\(\mathbb {P}_{i}\)Set of producers of Di
\(\mathbb {C}_{i}\)Set of consumers of Di
\(\mathbb {P}\)Set of all producers
\(\mathbb {C}\)Set of all consumers
\(\mathbb {A}\)Set of all DSOs, producers and consumers
\(\mathbb {E}\)Set of all events
EX(p1,p2,…,pM)Event of type X with parameters p1…M
\(G_{i,j}^{l}\)Green energy certificate of \(P_{i}^{j}\) with index l