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Table 3 Platforms for citizen participation in Barcelona. Source: Bibri (2020a)

From: The emerging data–driven Smart City and its innovative applied solutions for sustainability: the cases of London and Barcelona 

Fab Labs Classrooms where citizens can learn about the principles and applications of digital technologies, and gain access to tools that allow them to innovate technologically and participate in smart city projects.
22@Barcelona A space designed to attract startups and skilled innovators to develop new technologies leveraging the data produced by the city’s extensive IoT infrastructure. This has led to several successful pilot projects, including mobility and parking.
Cisco Barcelona Co-Innovation Center Enables close collaboration among local Cisco customers, governments, startups, academia, and developers to create new business models, innovative ideas, and technological solutions.
Decidim.Barcelona A participatory democracy platform which allows Barcelona’s citizens to see and discuss proposals put forward by the city government, and submit their own. Decidim is used to create Barcelona’s government agenda, with over 70% of proposals coming directly from over 40,000 participating citizens.