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Table 1 Key strategies and solutions of the eco-city

From: The eco-city and its core environmental dimension of sustainability: green energy technologies and their integration with data-driven smart solutions

• Sustainable energy systems
 - Locally renewable energy—sun, wind, and water
 - Bio–fueled Combined Hear Power (CHP) system
 - Passive solar houses
• Sustainable waste management
 - Smart waste collecting system
 - Vacuum waste chutes system
 - Food waste disposers
 - Wastewater and sewage treatment system
• High performance infrastructure
 - Component and multifunctional optimization
 - Integrated design
• High performance buildings
 - Energy efficiency technology and renewable energy resources
 - Improved indoor environment
 - Pollution prevention, material reduction, and recycling
• Sustainable transportation
 - Cycling and walking
 - Public transport (metro, buses, tram, etc.)
 - Car pools (biogas and electric)
 - Mobility management
• Greening and ecological diversity
 - Multi–functional green structure for ecosystem services
 - Green factor planning tools
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