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Table 9 Domains and Actors in the Smart Grid Conceptual Model (The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 2010)

From: Business ecosystem modeling- the hybrid of system modeling and ecological modeling: an application of the smart grid

DomainActors in the Domain
CustomersThe end users of electricity. May also generate, store, and manage the use of energy. Traditionally, three customer types are discussed, each with its own domain: residential, commercial, and industrial.
MarketsThe operators and participants in electricity markets.
Service ProvidersThe organizations providing services to electrical customers and utilities.
OperationsThe managers of the movement of electricity.
Bulk GenerationThe generators of electricity in bulk quantities. May also store energy for later distribution.
TransmissionThe carriers of bulk electricity over long distances. May also store and generate electricity.
DistributionThe distributors of electricity to and from customers. May also store and generate electricity.