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Table 12 The Framework and Steps of the Business Ecosystem Modeling

From: Business ecosystem modeling- the hybrid of system modeling and ecological modeling: an application of the smart grid

PartStageBusiness ecosystem modeling
Part I
Business ecosystem architecture development
1Identify the boundary of a selected ecosystem.
2Identify actors and their roles in the ecosystem.
3Identify actors’ value propositions and business models.
4Identify interaction between actors (different types of interactions.)
Part II
Factor analysis
1Investigate influential factors and their impact on the elements in the ecosystem (actors, roles, and interaction.)
2Investigate potential changes in the ecosystem.
Part III
Ecosystem simulation and reconfiguration
1Multi-agent based ecosystem modeling to identify ecosystem reaction towards the potential changes.
2Ecosystem reconfiguration (including reconfiguration of actors, roles, and interaction) due to changes, system dynamics modeling might be applied at this stage.
3Business model reconfiguration.