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Table 5 Parameters

From: Impact of advanced electricity tariff structures on the optimal design, operation and profitability of a grid-connected PV system with energy storage

  Parameter Set Unit Value Description
Time T \(\mathbb {N}\) - 35040 number of time steps
  M \(\mathbb {N}\) - 12 number of months
  ts \(\mathbb {R}_{+}^{T}\) s 9001 time steps
PV N \(\mathbb {N}\) - 4 number of PV configurations
  J \(\mathbb {N}\) - 4 number of roof planes
  Cfpv \(\mathbb {R}_{+}\) CHF 2749 PV fixed cost
  C mod \(\mathbb {R}_{+}^{N}\) CHF/W 0.6101 PV configurations, specific costs
  \(P^{\textsc {mod}}_{\text {nom}}\) \(\mathbb {R}_{+}^{N}\) W 3151 PV unit nominal power
  P mod \(\mathbb {R}_{+}^{T\times N}\) W 2 PV configuration unit generation
  A mod \(\mathbb {R}_{+}^{N}\) m2 1.6311 PV configuration areas
  A roof \(\mathbb {R}_{+}^{J}\) m2 231 roof planes areas
  γ PV \(\mathbb {R}\) - 0.5% annual maintenance specific cost
  β i [0−90]N deg 3  
  ω i [0−360]N deg 3 PV configuration azimuth
Battery B \(\mathbb {N}\) - 1 number of batteries
  soc0 [0,1]B - 0.7 initial state of charge
  socmin [0,1]B - 0 minimum state of charge
  socmax [0,1]B - 0.7 maximum state of charge
  α \(\mathbb {R}_{+}^{B}\) s −1 4.63·10−7 battery self-discharge rate
  η cha [0,1]B - 0.98 battery charging efficiency
  η dis [0,1]B - 0.98 battery discharging efficiency
  γ cha \(\mathbb {R}_{+}^{B}\) 1/s 1/3600 battery charge C rate
  γ dis \(\mathbb {R}_{+}^{B}\) 1/s 1/3600 battery discharge C rate
  C bat \(\mathbb {R}_{+}^{B}\) CHF/J 5.07·10−54 battery specific cost
  \(C_{F}^{\textsc {bat}}\) \(\mathbb {R}_{+}^{B}\) CHF 0 battery fixed cost
  \(C_{O}^{\textsc {bat}}\) \(\mathbb {R}_{+}^{B}\) CHF/J 0 operational cost of storage
System L \(\mathbb {N}\) years 25 system lifetime
  L bat \(\mathbb {R}_{+}\) years 9 expected battery lifetime
  r \(\mathbb {R}\) - 1.5% discount rate
  1. 1unique value for all
  2. 2PV profiles are simulated using the PVLIB toolbox (Stein et al. 2016)
  3. 3PV configuration tilt and azimuth are given in Fig. 4
  4. 4equivalent to 182.4CHF/kWh