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Table 1 Overview of the model parameters. The parameters for the BESS and the CHP plant have been normalized individually. Thermal consumption, the hot water tank capacity, and losses have been divided by 6 in order to scale them to a size appropriate for the normalized CHP plant

From: State-based load profile generation for modeling energetic flexibility

  Parameter Normalized values
BESS Power el. [−1,1] kW in steps of 0.01 kW
  Capacity 1 kWh
  Efficiency ηc=ηd=0.94
   0.8836 round-trip efficiency
CHP plant Power el. 0 kW or 1 kW
  Power thermal 0 kW or 1 kW
HWT Capacity 3 kWh
  Heat loss 11.58+SOC·(16.18−11.58) W
   Energy efficiency class B (European Union 2013)
Thermal demand Winter 9.99 kWh/day
  Intermediate 7.82 kWh/day
  Summer 3.10 kWh/day