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Table 2 Overview of the exchanged information between different components, data models and communication protocols for the high-level UC

From: E-Mobility Systems Architecture: a model-based framework for managing complexity and interoperability

ID Information Object Data Model Protocols
ICT 1 From App to Battery-health (Request) Proprietary HTTP over SSL
  Last trip’s data for   
  ∙ Parking: SoC & ambient temp   
  ∙ Driving: SoC, discharge rate & ambient temp   
  ∙ Charging: SoC, charging rate & ambient temp   
  From Battery-health to App (Response)   TCP/IP
  List of recommendations   
  ∙ Textual description   
  ∙ Rationale   
  ∙ Weighing factor for priorities   
ICT 2 From App to Route-planning (Request) Decimal Degrees HTTP over SSL
  ∙ GPS coordinates of the source and destination   
  From Route-planning to App (Response) Proprietary TCP/IP
  ∙ List of GPS coordinates needed for navigation   
  ∙ Traffic Information   
ICT 3 From App to Energy-information (Request) ISO 3166-1 ISO 8601 HTTP over SSL
  ∙ Country code   
  ∙ Start and end times   
  From Energy-information to App (Response) Proprietary TCP/IP
  ∙ Percent of renewables   
  ∙ Energy market price   
ICT 4 From App to CS operator system (Request) Proprietary HTTP over SSL
  ∙ GPS coordinates of a middle point on the trip   
  ∙ Radius value for Charging Stations filtering   
  From CS operator system to App (Response)   TCP/IP
  List of Charging Stations   
  ∙ GPS coordinates   
  ∙ Charging Station ID   
ICT 5 From Battery-health to Sensors (Request) ISO 3779 ISO 4030 HTTP over SSL
  ∙ Vehicle Identification Number   
  From Sensors to Battery-health (Response) Proprietary TCP/IP
  ∙ State of Charge   
  ∙ Remaining range   
ICT 6 From CS operator sys. to CS manag. sys. (Request) ISO 9834-8 HTTP over SSL
  ∙ Charging Station ID   
  From CS manag. sys. to CS operator sys. (Response) Proprietary TCP/IP
  List of static information   
  ∙ Connector ID, type and standard   
  ∙ Maximum capacity   
ICT 7 From CS manag. sys. to CS Controller (Request) ISO 9834-8 HTTP over SSL
  ∙ Charging Station ID   
  ∙ Connector ID   
  From CS Controller to CS manag. sys. (Response) OCPP TCP/IP
  ∙ Status information (available)