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Table 2 Overview of prioritization and reliability assessment experiments

From: Self-determined distribution of local energy resources for ensuring power supply during outages

Experiment set Purpose Experiment case study Input Output Local renewable production KPI Objective
   All priorities require 100% of hours of available supply    Rooftop solar   
Prioritization and reliability assessment Explore how prioritization can ensure supply reliability for selected consumers and prosumers during outages All priorities require 90% of hours of available supply Hourly load and production profiles, Priority level, Minimum number of hours of supply required Clusters with 100% self-sufficiency (hourly) Rooftop solar Required supply reliability (RSR), Self-sufficiency of clusters (SSC) Maximize RSR and SSC
   High priorities require 90%, medium require 50%, and low require 30% of hours of available supply    Rooftop solar, Wind and rooftop solar