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Table 2 List of symbols used in the thermal model

From: Using personal environmental comfort systems to mitigate the impact of occupancy prediction errors on HVAC performance

Symbol Description Default Unit
ρ Density of air 1.204 kg/m3
σ Specific heat of air 1.003 kJ/(kg.K)
τ Sampling interval s
n z Total number of VAV zones in a building
\(n_{r}^{i}\) Total number of rooms in VAV zone i
Oij(t) Occupancy in room j of zone i at time t
Tij(t) Temperature in room j of zone i at time t due to HVAC C
Tex(t) External temperature at time t C
C ij Thermal capacity of room j in zone i 2000 kJ/K
\(\alpha _{ex}^{ij}\) Heat transfer coefficient between outside and room j in zone i 0.048 kJ/(K.s)
\(Q_{ap}^{ij}\) Heat load due to heating/cooling equipments in room j of zone i 0.1 kW
\(Q_{oc}^{ij}\) Heat load due to occupant in room j of zone i 0.1 kW