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Table 2 The result of converting the data about the washing machine in the ESHL from the OSH into the data model of the BOS UI

From: A generic user interface for energy management in smart homes

Uuid -1609555631
DeviceName Washing machine
DeviceImage Washingmachine.png     
Device infoName infoValue  
General Room kitchen   
Info Type W3985   
  Class 22020   
Device channels channelName channelInfo
   infoName infoValue unit  
  Washing machine stateName Off   
   programName Delicates   
   phaseName Spin   
   remainingTime 3 min  
   power 442 w  
Device controllers controllerName deviceActions
   Name commands Widget Available
  State Controller Turn on cmdString Button False
    eshl.miele.v1.homebus.start - 1609555631   
   Turn off cmdString Button True
    eshl.miele.v1.homebus.stop - 1609555631   
DOFInfo allowedStartTime requiredEndTime  
  09:00, 07.02.2018 15:00, 07.02.2018  
Consumed energy electricity  
Generated energy