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Table 2 Technical data of the cogeneration unit.

From: Realistic modeling of a combined heat and power plant in the context of mixed integer linear programming

Technical Parameter of the CHP Measurement technology used and its accuracy
Electrical power (Pmin) 3,0 kW Type DCMi 461 WP (Berg) +/, 3,5%
Electrical power (Pmax) 6,0 kWa
Electrical efficiency at maximum power (:ηelec, max) 23,4%a Calculated: (Electrical Power / Fuel Consumption) +/− 5%
Total Efficiency (:ηtotal) 64,6%a Calculated: ((Electrical power + Thermal Power) / Fuel Consumption) +/− 15%
Thermal Power 10,5 kWa Pump Magna 3 25–40 (Grundfos) +/− 10%
Fuel consumption 25,5 kWa Type Aerius (Diehl Metering) +/− 1,5%
  1. aValues are mean values measured in 5 h of operation