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Table 1 CIM PowerTransformer to Modelica Workshop Transformer mapping

From: CIMverter–a template-based flexibly extensible open-source converter from CIM to Modelica

CIM Contained / Accumulated Modelica Workshop
PowerTransformer Member Variables Transformer
PowerTransformerEnd 1 BaseVoltage-> Vnom1
  nominalVoltage.value * m V  
PowerTransformerEnd 2 BaseVoltage-> Vnom2
  nominalVoltage.value * m V  
PowerTransformerEnd 1 ratedS.value * m P Sr
PowerTransformerEnd 1 r.value r
PowerTransformerEnd 1 x.value x
\(r\cdot \frac {Sr}{V_{nom1}^{2}}\cdot 100\) Pcur
\(\sqrt {r^{2} +x^{2}}\cdot \frac {Sr}{V_{nom1}^{2}}\cdot 100\) Vscr
  1. The left column shows the primary and secondary PowerTransformerEnd which accumulate further CIM objects, as listed in the middle column, holding the information needed for the initialization of the Transformer attributes as listed in the right column. The constants mV and mP stand for the voltage and power value multipliers. The bottom of the table shows that additionally two conversions are needed to calculate the rated short circuit voltage Vsc,r and the short circuit losses Pcu,r in percent