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Fig. 2

From: Scaling: managing a large number of distributed battery energy storage systems

Fig. 2

Scaling of computational effort for the global optimization (1) and the proposed heuristic: For the heuristic, the elapsed time over doing the aggregation, optimization of the VPP and disaggregation is measured and shown. In Algorithm 3 these are lines 2 - 4. For the global optimization, only the time used for solving the linear problem is measured. Further, the speedup of the heuristic relative to the global optimization is depicted. All values are shown for increasing number of BESS from one up to 200,000 BESS. As long as there is enough memory available, the effort of both algorithms does not increase exponentially (note the logarithmic scale of the x-axis). Nevertheless, the heuristic provides already a speed-up of more than 10 and allows at least the consideration of 100,000 BESS giving a time frame of maximally 15 min whereas the global optimization can handle only 15,000 BESS. Note that the implementation of the heuristic did not even exploited the use of parallelization

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