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Table 1 Life-cycle GHG emission for power plants, expressed in gCO2eq/kWh

From: Household CO2-efficient energy management

Biomass Solar PV Wind onshore Wind offshore Geothermal Pumped-Storage
71 43 8 9 45 * 34
Run-of-the-river Reservoir Nuclear Lignite Coal Coal-derived gas
4 9 11 820 800 800
Gas Oil Waste Other   
400 520 690 ** 247   
  1. The main source for these values is (Weisser 2007). Values marked with * are taken from (Edenhofer et al. 2011), and those marked with ** are from (Johnke 2009). Since it is not specified which sources are included in “Other”, the life-cycle GHG emission factor for this category is calculated as the mean value of all other known factors