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Table 7 List of primary studies

From: Surveillance and security: protecting electricity utilities and other critical infrastructures

ID Primary study Title
S1 [Gulijk et al., 2012] Survey of surveillance technologies, including their specific identification for further work
S2 [Bellanova & Friedewald, 2011] Smart Surveillance – State of the Art
S3 [Guelke et al., 2013] Matrix of Surveillance Technologies
S4 [Schlehahn et al., 2013] Report on surveillance technology and privacy enhancing design
S5 [Nguyen et al., 2009] Encountering SenseCam: Personal Recording Technologies in Everyday Life
S6 [Weber, 2006] The Next Step: Privacy Invasions by Biometrics and ICT Implants
S7 [Thalmann, Salamin, Ott, Gutiérrez, & Vexo, 2006] Advanced Mixed Reality Technologies for Surveillance and Risk Prevention Applications
S8 [Hampapur et al., 2003] Smart Surveillance: Applications, Technologies and Implications
S9 [Williams & Eyo] Ubiquitous Computing: The Technology for Boundless Surveillance
S10 [Mueller & Kuehn, 2013] Einstein on the Breach: Surveillance Technology, Cybersecurity and Organizational Change
S11 [Sutor & Reda, 2008] Multi Sensor Technologies Augmenting Video Surveillance: Security and Data Fusion Aspects
S12 [Senior, 2009] An Introduction to Automatic Video Surveillance
S13 [Meggitt, Roderick, & Cooke, 1999] Advanced Technologies for Undersea Surveillance of Modern Threats
S14 [Gulzar, Abbasi, Wu, Ozbal, & Yan, 2013] Surveillance Privacy Protection
S15 [Gong, Loy, & Xiang, 2011] Security and Surveillance