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Table 4 Evaluation of surveillance and security technologies based on operators’ subjective perception

From: Surveillance and security: protecting electricity utilities and other critical infrastructures

  Security Privacy Usability Effectiveness Cost Cost
Visual surveillance Medium Medium Medium Low Low Low
Biometrics High Medium Medium Medium Low Medium
Communication surv. Medium Medium Medium Low Low Low
Location tracking High High Medium Low Medium Low
Dataveillance Medium Low Low Medium Medium Low
Ubiquitous surv. Very low Low Low Very low Very low Very low
  1. Very high: value >0.8, High: 0.8 ≤ value <0.6, Medium: 0.6 ≤ value <0.4,
  2. Low: 0.4 ≤ value <0.2, Very low: value ≤0.2 (see Appendix C for values)