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Fig. 2

From: Increasing the efficiency of local energy markets through residential demand response

Fig. 2

Modified DR strategy. Figure 2 shows the modified DR strategy implemented in our simulation. Each household iI forecasts his demand Di in 15 min time steps for the next 24 h. Then, the maximum peak demand Di(di,max) is determined from the forecasted demand Di. The SDR determines the shiftable demand \(D_{i}^{shift}\). It is determined as all demand in time slots t(j) that is above the SDR. The first timeslot t(j1), in which a shiftable demand is determined, is then shifted towards the current minimum of the forecasted demand Di(di,min). Thus, a new demand profile \(D_{i,t}^{new}\) is created. If the new demand profile is final, i.e. iterated for 96 times, \(D_{i,t}^{new} = D_{i}^{final}\). If not, another iteration is started

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