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Fig. 9

From: Adverse condition and critical event prediction in commercial buildings: Danish case study

Fig. 9

ACCEPT graphical ROC curve result plot with LIN algorithm in combination with the six detection algorithms on fault case “ventilation fails”. As shown all AUC’s is close to 1. The red, green and blue curves is the ROC curves (solid: validation, dashed: test) and the dots shows the selected trade-off points corresponding to FAR and MDR which relates to the level-crossing threshold giving these performance metrics. Let’s e.g. consider the green PV dot located at (0.032, 0.9885) on the green solid curve meaning FAR=3.2% and MDR=100-98.85=1.15%. The legend tells us that this corresponds to an alarm threshold of La=1.1616 and an AUC=0.99748

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