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Table 1 Environment Parameters (At the Time of the Study)

From: Comparing solar photovoltaic and battery adoption in Ontario and Germany: an agent-based approach

Variable Definition Source
FiT price ($/kWh) Price for each unit of electricity generated. The FiT price for rooftop PV systems smaller than 10kW in Ontario was $0.384/kWh (IESO 2015a) and in Germany was €0.125/kWh (BNetzA 2015b).
ToU Electricity Price Price of electricity depending on the time of day, day of week, and season. Figure 1 shows the ToU prices in OntarioFootnote

Ancillary charges, such as delivery and clean energy charges, constitute a significant part of the electricity bill in Canada. It is unclear how these charges are estimated. Consequently, we excluded these charges from our electricity bill calculations.

. Germany does not have ToU prices: the price of grid electricity is €0.295/kWh (Eurostat 2016), (Statista 2017)
Installed Solar PV price ($/kW) Purchase and installation cost of PV systems. Figure 2 (SunSmart Solar 2016) shows the price per kW for different kW capacities in Ontario and Fig. 3 shows the price for different PV capacities in Germany(BDEW 2015b).
Installed Battery Price ($/kWh) Purchase and installation cost of a battery storage system. Given market trends, we use $1,500/kWh in Ontario (Shahan 2015) and €1000/kWh in Germany (Wirth and Schneider 2015)