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Table 2 Intelligent data collection devices in smart grid

From: Big data analytics in smart grids: a review

Intelligent device Technology Application
Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) Integration of smart meters, data management systems and communication networks to provide bidirectional communication between customers and utilities. Remote meter configuration, dynamic tariffs, power quality monitoring and local control
Phasor measurement unit (PMU) Real-time measurements (30 to 60 samples/second) of multiple remote points with a common time source for synchronization Electrical waves measurement of power grid
Wide area monitoring system (WAMS) An application server to deal with the incoming information from PMUs Dynamic stability of the grid
Remote terminal unit (RTU) A microprocessor-controlled device that transmitting telemetry data Information collection of system operation status
Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) Both manual and automatic System monitoring, event processing and alarm
Intelligent electronic device (IED) Monitoring and recording status changes in the substation and outgoing feeders Combination of different relay protection functions with measurement, recording and monitoring